Center For Practical Theology

The Center for Practical Theology (CPT) provides customized training to religious organizations to build educational programs that focus on social and environmental justice.  The school teaches practitioners how to interpret, translate, and apply theories of justice through service learning and community development projects.


The CPT seeks to bridge the gap between the academy, church, and community. This school affirms its identity as a vanguard for social and environmental justice. Its primary mission is to provide educational programs that teach participants how to respond to social and environmental injustices locally and globally. It seeks to train participants how to integrate cultural studies, theology, and practice.


In pursuit of this mission,

We seek to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between clergy, laity, theologians, and religious scholars for congregational development and redevelopment.

We seek to prepare practitioners of justice for effective ministry through the integration of theology and practice. 

We seek to collaborate with colleges, universities, divinity schools, and seminaries to provide contextual education for practitioners of justice. 

We provide theological education and ecumenical resources for the community through non-degree programs and community development projects. 

We seek to advance the distribution of human, monetary, and natural resources for social and environmental justice initiatives.

We seek to collaborate with local and global communities to relieve poverty and disease.

Contextual Education

A variety of continuing education opportunities are available:

Lectures, seminars, and workshops 

Institutes for Social and Environmental Justice 

Web and telephone conferencing 

Online classes, blogs, and discussion groups

The comprehensive educational offerings (e.g., theological, political, economic, social, and cultural) of the program are based on the center’s strategic partnerships with nonprofits and businesses. 

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