Beyond Coal: Divest and Reinvest Now

Beyond Coal

Recently, I joined the Beyond Coal Movement sponsored by the Sierra Club. This movement challenges our dependency on coal and awakens us to the direct link between carbon pollution and climate change. Climate change is a moral issue. What happens when we value people (human life) over profit (money)? A recent World Bank report showed that increased droughts, floods, heat waves and more severe storms due to global warming will hurt those among us who are the poorest and least able to adapt to the changing climate.

The Cree Indian proverb calls us to realize the negative impact of environmental toxins on the Earth. According to the Cree, “only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” (Cree Indian Proverb)

We can not afford to live in world without pure air, pure water, pure soil and nutritionist food. As energy companies continue to make record profits, our poor, elderly, disabled and children are suffering from famine and environmental disasters. No longer can we in good conscience remain silent. As people of faith, we need to speak up! We have the technology to reduce the carbon pollution of new and existing power plants. Let us work together and fight for the advancement of policies that protect the environment. We need to pass standards to divest carbon pollution and invest in clean energy.

Divest and Reinvest, Now!

As climate change worsens and with no current hope for a meaningful legislative response, GreenFaith is supporting education and organizing on fossil fuel divestment and reinvestment in a clean energy future by faith communities. We believe this is a faithful response to a grave crisis which, to date, business and political leaders have failed to address Dirty Energy.

Listen to GreenFaith’s Fletcher Harper introduce the topic on Interfaith Voices – nationally syndicated radio program.

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